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Waqf Yateem Q8ping (4)

Target 600,000 KD
Funded 606,081 KD
Remain 0 KD
Project Type: orphanage
It will build a number of three orphanages in the state of Mali, and the number three orphanages in Kenya, and the endowment to ensure 159 orphans, as well as the umbrella for orphans

The first project: the number three orphanages State of Mali
Project Description :
64 orphans capacity consisting of (4 dormitories + Musharraf room and pantry) with an area of ​​300 square meters
Casablanca: 64 orphans Capacity
The cost per house: 20100 KD

The second project: the number three state orphanages Kenya
Project Description :
Three dormitories + toilets (an area of ​​190 square meters)
House Capacity: 50 orphans
The cost per house: 17700 KD


The third project: endowment 159 orphans

Importance of the project:
Project Description :
to orphanages in our centers of great importance are the most important means to maintain the orphanage to teach them and lift them out of poverty, ignorance and disease add to instill this spirit of faith in it to become an active member in the community Vinf his religion and homeland.

Notice :
The Image is an example of the project . It does not matched in necessary.
Assembly included in the absence of the establishment of the project for any reason, the establishment of the same project in another country.