Donations: 1756

Al-Bneya Village's Well

Target 31,650 KD
Funded 31,684 KD
Remain 0 KD
Country Sudan

Type of Project Large artesian well

Supplier of artesian wells pump + water tank capacity of 10,000 gallons + holder for tank tower + wall + of the generator room +2 basin + taps.

Beneficiaries The well Serve over than 6,000 people

Importance of the project :
The project is of high importance to the residents of the area, where the nearest artesian well away from the village mentioned 7.5 km, as well as the project as well as it provides drinking water for the population it also provides water for Islamic complex in the village and it is taught more than 300 internal student in addition to the conflict with students who are at least their numbers on the outside as well.

Notice :
The Image is an example of the project . It does not matched in necessary.
Assembly included in the absence of the establishment of the project for any reason, the establishment of the same project in another country.