Donations: 2104

Gladoud Well - Somalia

Target £130,452.47
Funded £131,372.05
Remain £0
Project Type: Large Artesian Well
Project location: Mogadishu- Somalia
Specifications: artesian well and has a tower with a large tank + generator + generator room + electric pump + Water extensions + ponds for watering cattle (rear expected 300-400m)
Beneficiaries: 10000-18000 person
Importance of the project: to contribute to the alleviation of suffering resulting from lack of water as one of the areas affected by the recent drought where increasing drought problem on the affected day after day and the livestock are still dying in thousands every day, and has passed the rainy season, which people were waiting for him and did not come down
a single drop of rain, and people are afraid of a humanitarian disaster.
Note :
Image example of a project and not necessarily be identical to him.
Assembly ensure that in the event of failure to establish the project for any reason, the establishment of the same project in another state.