map2In the course of thirty five years of continuous giving, the name of (Direct Aid) has been approved instead of (Africa Muslims Committee) on Monday 17/05/1999 because its works and the scope of its charity projects have been expanded.  Direct Aid intends to conduct the developmental works in the less lucky communities targeting the neediest social categories, patients, orphans and those who are inflicted by crisis and famines as well as conducting all the activities of good and charity.

Direct Aid (Africa Muslims Committee) started its works in 1981 as a voluntarily non-governmental institution interesting in the development in the neediest places in Africa. It conducts its works in a scientific way and does not look into the individual conditions. It pays attention to the education with all its types as a basic means to change the miserable situation the man suffered  in Africa, raising the slogan (education  is legal right for every child in Africa). The society, seeking leadership, was one of the first charity societies in the Islamic World that revived the traditional acts of the prophet Peace Be upon Him in constructing the small endowment.