Direct Aid in the Field

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Graduation of students of the nineteenth class from Abdulrahman Alsumait University in Zanzibar

January 27th, 2020|

Abdulrahman Alsumait University in Zanzibar celebrated after a number of its students, 364 of them, graduated. The event makes the total number of graduated students from the university to reach [...]

Simad University, a subsidiary of Direct Aid, celebrates 20 years since its founding and graduating its 15th class of students in Somalia

December 23rd, 2019|

With the presence of the Chairman of Direct Aid Direct Aid celebrated this week the passing of 20 years since Simad University was founded in Somalia. More than 6,500 students [...]

Direct Aid Society continued its efforts to deliver humanitarian assistance to flood victims

September 17th, 2019|

Floods and rains hit Sudan by airlift to transport 40 tons of food and shelter. The planes were greeted by Kuwaiti Deputy Ambassador to Khartoum Abdul Karim Al-Majim, thanking the [...]

One million and one hundred thousand people who are poor, widowed and people with special needs benefit from the sacrifices of direct aid

August 15th, 2019|

  "Direct Aid Society has concluded the Hajj and Sacrifices season with the implementation of more than 36,000 sacrifices in Africa and Yemen, benefiting one million and one hundred thousand [...]