Pioneering direct aid and Al Najat charitable

Direct Aid Society, in cooperation with the Najat Charitable Society, is implementing a campaign to distribute 100 thousand ready-to-eat meals inside Kuwait, with the kind support of a third of Nasser Abdul Mohsen Al-Saeed and Diet Care, where meals have been distributed daily in all areas of Kuwait for quarantine and Kuwaiti expatriate guests, The campaign started on March 23 and will continue until the distribution of the entire quantity according to a specific plan.

The Director-General of the Direct Aid Society, Dr Abdullah Abdul Rahman Al-Sumait, states that these efforts come as a contribution from the association to support the state institutions that did not fail to serve its people and residents in its land and to share its struggle for this epidemic that affected everyone, and Al-Sumait expresses his happiness at the association’s adoption of this action that it sees And a duty towards God first, then towards the homeland, which represents with the people of humanity and charitable leadership in the whole world, and thus known the people of Kuwait, the government and the people.

The Director of Direct Aid shows that carrying out this project is extremely important these days, as many low-income workers have lost their jobs because of these events, and it is not appropriate to let them suffer while they live in the country of humanity whose goodness reaches the ground.

He continues: They, through their work and their proximity to the field, observed great competition and cooperation from the people of goodness, each in its field and what it can offer, including the young Kuwaitis who proved to be the men of the stage, they responded to the call of the nation, and they showed leadership and nobility that everyone touched.

Al-Sumait concluded his statement, praise is to God, for his success in supervising this charity, asking God Almighty to protect Kuwait and its people from all evil, thanking the generous support provided by one-third of Al-Mohsen Nasser Abdul Mohsen Al-Saeed and Diet Care.