The march of care for 77 thousand orphans Paper provided direct assistance at the Second World Conference on Orphan Care? The directaid Society participated in the Second World Conference for Orphans Care (2018), which was held this month in the Kingdom of Bahrain, with a paper entitled “Orphan Care – Developments and Achievements”, in which the Director General of the Direct Aid Society Dr. Abdullah Al-Sumait presented the vision of the society in eradicating ignorance, poverty and disease. In the African communities through the development of the mechanism of care for orphans, whose number since the launch of the program for more than 77 thousand orphans.

In which he explained the challenges facing the care of orphans in the African continent from wars, conflicts and natural disasters that led to the raising of the number of orphans to the equivalent of 132 million orphans, which made the aid to care for these orphans to be this care after the support of God and the cause of the orphan turned from a time bomb Crime and extremism to build a balanced balanced personal product and contribute to the construction of the combinec.

The paper began by describing the establishment period in the eighties and the difficulties faced by the association, which began to sponsor 50 orphans from Malawi and then expand the care of the orphans who are out of their families, followed immediately by a major improvement in the care sector of building quality centers for orphans and issuing regulations and studies organizing orphan care.

‏The Association has directed the development of programs to ensure orphans internally in integrated centers and equipped to provide all educational services and health and orphans for the purpose of achieving greater impact of the sponsorship and contribute to building good individuals who have the leadership, psychological and cultural skills to make change in their communities, and increased activities to orphans to include 11 programs such as: Social programs, sports programs, scientific, cultural and recreational trips, community service programs, scouting activities and health awareness campaigns, with periodic reports of fosters.

‏Al-Sumait concluded the paper with the stages of development of orphans ‘orphanage and orphans’ periodic report. The orphans began to cover basic expenses, but now include other aspects of orphan life such as personal items, furniture, transportation, treatment, etc. He expressed his pride in the honor that the sponsors gave to the Directaid society for the care of their orphaned children, until the number of orphans they sponsor helped annually to 21,000 orphans.