Direct Aid Society implements a series of fasting Iftar programs in 27 African countries in addition to the Republic of Yemen, where the association provides cooked and ready breakfasts, as well as breakfast baskets consisting of in-kind food items that are distributed in villages and regions in need.

In a statement to the association’s director of public relations, media and marketing, Eng. Majid Al-Zaabi indicated that the association started this year with more than 2 million and 800,000 meals, and the implementation will continue on a daily basis throughout the holy month of Ramadan.

These relief programs come with the generous support of philanthropists and philanthropists, which imposed its priority on other programs due to the health crisis the world is going through to contribute to supporting many families and individuals in need, whose need increased in these exceptional circumstances due to the Corona pandemic, which increased their living conditions And caused the stoppage of business, high prices, and scarcity of foodstuffs, especially in some areas that suffer from this even in normal conditions.

And to shed light on another area of ​​the association’s work, Majid Al Zaabi adds: Ramadan is a month of blessing and activity, and direct aid society used to establish Quranic, cultural, social and educational activities every year in Ramadan every year in every facility belonging to the association, whether it is a school or a house A Qur’an, a mosque, or an orphanage, in which the competitions of the Qur’an are launched, and the winners are chosen at the country level, and that event witnesses great interest at all levels, but this year it is suspended due to the health conditions imposed on all societies.

Majid added: The association will follow up on these activities and programs as soon as this pandemic rises, which will witness the resumption of all units and centres affiliated to it, in order to achieve the association’s plan and goals set by it to contribute to the renaissance of the targeted communities.

In an effort by the association to provide what it can offer in all fields, the association’s awareness sections have intensified the trips of preachers to various villages, as a contribution to educating families about ways to prevent infection and how to combat it.

Thus, Direct Aid meets the requirements of the stage by implementing various relief and awareness programs in the societies of the targeted countries and their various regions.