Direct Aid Society begins by holy month of Ramadan in the implementation of the project ” Iftar of Fasting persons ” in 30 African countries, thereby offering a picture of the most spectacular images of social solidarity among Muslims, and gives a wonderful example of generosity that the people of Kuwait have been accustomed to since old times. Dr. Abdul Rahman Mahalan, the chairman of Direct Aid Society argued that the number of Iftar meals provided by the Society this year is expected to be 3 million fluctuating between cooked and dry meals at a cost of more than a million and a half million Kuwaiti Dinar. The meal contains flour, oil, sugar, salt, dried milk, bread, rice, dates, water and soup. Mahalan added that the preparation for the project begins before the month of Ramadan in advance, in which the areas where the project is conducted are selected and the cost of the meal in each region separately is determined by the field offices of the Society spread across 30 African countries. The Society takes into account the selection of the most dense and the poorest places. Concerning the interaction of the benefactors of Kuwait with the project, Mahalan says “The people of Kuwait have been accustomed to philanthropy since old times, a good tradition within them inherited by generations, as narrated by Africans themselves that their ancestors were sitting on the beach waiting for the date the arrival of Kuwaiti sailors who were bringing with them good” so the project of “Iftar of Fasting persons” thanks to God the Almighty – receives significant support from honorable donors each year, and we hope that they keep their support to us this year to achieve the goal to which we aspire to provide 3 million of Iftar meals, especially since the value of donation for the project is at very low cost estimated at KD ½ per one meal and 400 KD for Iftar endowment. Mahalan concludes saying: “The project of Iftar for fasting people implemented by the Direct Aid Society is not only to provide food for the poor and needy, but the Society, each year, prepares a variety of programs (Religious and cultural) in line with the project so the religious lectures are held to explain to the Muslims (Especially the new converts to Islam) the jurisprudence of fasting and what is related to it of provisions and it also holds Quran competitions and other entertainment programs.