The head of the Permanent Relief Committee at Direct Aid Society, Nabil Al-Terkait, declared that the Society offers about 60000 meals daily to the Somali children, women and others who are affected by the famine. The meals are given twice daily to each individual and distributed through 20 nutrition centers among 55 centers in the Horn of Africa (Kenya and Somalia). Some of these meals are distributed in coordination with both the UNICEF and OCHA.

Al-Terkait added that in each nutrition center, there is a specialized physician who offers health care services necessary for the famine victims who are affected by a variety of diseases because of contaminated water and malnutrition. In the mean time, medicaments worth of 15000 Kuwaiti dinars were airfreighted by planes of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Defense – that deserves acknowledgement for their efforts – for treating cases of severe diarrhea caused by malnutrition and contaminated water.

In order to protect the life and health of the Somalis, 50 plastic reservoirs were sent to preserve the clean water and deliver it in a way so as to be potable and suitable for people to use in an effort to protect them from the dangers of drinking contaminated water.

It is worth noting that, thanks to Allah then to the donations of Kuwaiti people and the people of the Gulf countries in general, 18000 baskets of food products were distributed among the needy families. The cost of each basket reached 100 dollars for each family and it included rice, sugar, oil, milk, and flour (corn). The basket can suffice a family that consists of 5 to 8 persons for a whole month. Direct Aid Society will also distribute shortly another 30000 baskets of food products among the needy in Somalia.

In fact, a large number of people were moved by the Kuwaiti aids and the Kuwaiti efforts in this concern led by the International Islamic Charitable Organization and His Highness, the Prince of Kuwait – may Allah protect him. So, in behalf of the Somali people, we deliver their gratefulness for the Prince, government and people of Kuwait and for the corporations, companies and individuals who participated in this charitable campaign.

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