After its maintenance and rehabilitation with the latest medical equipment: “Direct Aid Society” inaugurates “Alabiad ” specialty Hospital in “Sudan”

After its maintenance and rehabilitation with the latest medical equipment: “Direct Aid Society” inaugurates “Alabiad ” specialty Hospital in “Sudan”

Direct Aid Society has recently inaugurated Alabiad Eye Specialty Hospital in Alabiad City in the State of North Kordofan in Sudan.

The hospital provides medical services for 20,000 patients a year where nearly 3,000 surgeries are conducted yearly, including 1900 surgeries to remove a (cataract), according to the latest statistics of the Sudanese Ministry of Health.
The project was implemented with generous funding of Kuwait White Stores Company (Yacob Yosef Alhamad & Partners Co.) and a joint effort between the Direct Aid Society, which adopted the maintenance project of the hospital and its rehabilitation with the necessary equipment and the British Sight Savers Institution which undertook the technical oversight on the phases of the project and doing 2000 cataract operations.

The inauguration ceremony of the hospital was attended by the Minister of Finance in the government of North Kordofan State, Mr. / Hafez Mahmoud as a representative for the governor of North Kordofan / Maulana Ahmad Muhammad Harun. Also, Mr. / Simon Bush, the representative of British Sight Savers Institution and a number of government figures and representatives of Sudanese civil society organizations attended the ceremony.

In his speech during the inauguration ceremony, Mr. / Hafez Mahmoud, Minister of Finance in the state of North Kordofan appreciated the efforts exerted by the Direct Aid Society in the fight against blindness and diseases associated with it, and he stressed the support of the Society to the Sudanese government’s efforts in this area. Also, he thanked the Kuwait White Stores Company for funding this important project, and he commended the efforts of the Sight Savers Institution in the fight against blindness and saving sight in Africa.

From his part, Mr. / Shaker Nasser, the director of Lakes Association in Direct Aid Society stressed ” This project must meet the real needs of patients and that there must be effective oversight by officials in order to achieve the greatest possible efficiency and quality of performance, stressing that the project embodies the interest of Direct Aid Society in the field of health, particularly the fight against blindness and eye diseases. Also, Nasser urged the hospital staff to take responsibility and to provide the honest performance with sincerity for sake of God Almighty.

The hospital contains three operation rooms, others for preparation, two sterilization and opacity rooms, one room for statistics, three outpatient clinics, two for optics and a number of reception and wait places. The hospital has been supplied by the latest medical devices with highly advanced –efficiency, the most important devices of which are laparoscopic surgery devices, ophthalmo-fundoscopes, steam autoclaves, optical range measurement devices, acoustic wave devices, fundus imaging devices, eye pressure gauges and integrated units for computerized detection examination.

The project is the fruitful result of the partnership agreement signed in 2003 between the Direct Aid Society and the British Sight Savers Institution which states that the Direct Aid Society funds the maintenance and rehabilitation of the hospital while the British Institution provides the hospital with necessary equipment in addition to the partnership between them in the implementation of eye surgery camps where thousands of operations are performed to remove the cataract and other eye operations.