Al-Aloush: Partnership between Humanitarian Organizations Is Very Important

Al-Aloush: Partnership between Humanitarian Organizations Is Very Important

Kuwait- 13-10- (KUNA) – The Vice Chairman of Direct Aid Society, Dr. Mohammed Al-Aloush emphasizes on the importance of partnership between the various humanitarian organizations to gain further cooperation in order to overcome any obstacles facing the humanitarianwork.

In a speech he delivered during the sessions of the fifth annual conference (concerning partnership and information management for achieving better humanitarian work), Al-Aloush stated that the recent fluctuations and events the whole world face particularly the Middle East become very crucial where the unsettled political positions cause the immigration of thousands among whom are displaced, patients and weapons’ holders.

He clarified that such current situation makes the governmental organizations and others consider the matter from different point of view and start to deal with such matter in a way basing on new principles for the purpose of reconstructing the affected communities.

He also confirmed that The Direct Aid is conducting a full review for management system getting the benefit from international experiences in such field basing on the principle “Takes Two to Tango”.

Al-Aloush expressed his hope that the recommendations and proposals discussed in this conference will suit the challenges facing the humanitarian work.

Al-Aloush also mentioned the honoring of his Highness, the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed as a Humanitarian Leader confirming that “Such honor makes us more responsible for overcoming obstacles towards achieving communities free of pain caused by disasters and calamities”.