Al Amal Medical Team is A Hero of Humanitarian Work 2014

Al Amal Medical Team is A Hero of Humanitarian Work 2014

The United Nation Envoy for Humanitarian Affairs has honored the head of International Islamic Charitable Authority and Consultant in Emiri Commission , Dr. Abdullah Al Maatouq has honored Al Amal Medical Team, the representative of Direct Aid as a hero of humanitarian work through the year 2014 AD , in recognition for their efforts in curing and taking care of the patients through the surgery operations conducted by Al Amal Medical Team annually in the African countries in coordination with the civil offices of Direct Aid which are found in nearly 30 African countries.

This came in the ceremony held in the headquarter of the United Nation west Meshref last Wednesday on the occasion of the World Humanitarian Day.

The ceremony was attended by a number of the Arab and Foreign Administers approved in Kuwait, representative of Direct Aid in the Ceremony Dr. Abdullah Abdulrahman Al Somit, the general manager, Abdulrahman Al Shatti and head of Public Relations Department. The honor medal was received by Dr. Wasmi Al Fadli , a team member, on behalf of Al Amal Medical Team and Direct Aid. Dr. Mohamed Al Essa and Dr. Abdulmohsen Al Kandari , both members of Al Amal Medical Team also attended the ceremony.

In his speech delivered in the honoring ceremony, Al Maatouq assured that” Kuwait appreciates the humanitarian work and the respect those who are involved throughout the world and it extends its hands for the International Humanitarian Organization to participate in its projects to alleviate the sufferings of those inflicted by the crisis”. He added ” dedicating 19th August of every year to celebrate the World Humanitarian Day is considered as an important occasion to shed the light on the efforts exerted by the activists in the humanitarian field all over the world and develop the awareness of their humanitarian role while risking their lives to provide the shelter, food, cloth and drink for the victims of the crisis and disputes” .

On his part , the resident coordinator of United Nation and the resident representative of United Nation Developmental Program in Kuwait , Dr. Mobesher Sheik said ” The humanitarian initiatives are not new or strange for the Kuwaiti Society. For nearly one hundred years, the first Chartable Organization was established in Kuwait which has done much more in the field of humanitarian work under the umbrella of His Highness Emir of Kuwait , Sheikh / Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah”
“This ceremony held today came as recognition of the efforts exerted by those involved in the Humanitarian field all over the world who left their families and beloved and they risked their lives including disease and death to provide the aid for all the needy and provide better life for them”, Mobesher added.

The United Nation celebrated 19th August of every year as the World Humanitarian Day to commemorate those who died in the treacherous incident that targeted the headquarter of United Nation in Baghdad 2003 and left 22 activists dead in the humanitarian work, including head of United Nation’s mission / Sérgio Vieira de Mello, and dozens injured of the innocents.

It is worth to mention that Al Amal Medical Team is unique throughout the Arab world with regard to expanding its specializations, since it includes 16 consultant physicians in seven different specializations . The team has established , in cooperation with Direct Aid through the last five years, five surgery camps in five different African countries, namely, Kenya , Gambia, Somalia, Tanzania and Djibouti. Now, the team is studying the options of places to establish the sixth camp at the beginning of the next year. Dr. Hesham Bo Rezaq conducts an explorative visit to Cambodia – East Asia – to stand at the possibilities of establishing the camp there due to the difficulty of establishing the camp in Africa currently as a result of the spread of Ebola virus disease (EVD), in west Africa countries.