Chairman of the Nation Assembly, Jasem Al Khorafi, assured that the Kuwaiti charity work is  launched in Africa from its first nucleus in the Charity Rescue Society which had the honor of participating in establishing Africa Muslims Committee.

During the inauguration of the Fourth Civil Meeting organized by “Direct Aid” yesterday evening under the title “future vision to develop the civil work”, Al Khorafi said that the Kuwaitis like the charity work at the times of prosperity and severity, the matter embodying their belief that the charity work is an obedience to Allah the Almighty God.

“This committee became a big charity institution with which we are proud, the far and the near people  certify its achievements after it has been changed into the Direct Aid in Africa. Its activities have expanded and its tasks and projects have multiplied to fight the poverty, support the needy families, fight the disease and provide the necessary facilities to the life and qualify the humans to get their living needs. In all this, it drawn the features of a light human picture for our noble religion having the values brotherhood, solidarity and mercy among the humans” Al Khorafi added.

Undoubtedly, the course of the society was so long and difficult according to its fields but it was full with achievements. It continued three decades in various fields of charity work. It became, during this course, a house for the needy and a school for giving. From this school, many benefited and qualified to hold the senior positions and posts including Kenya ambassador to Kuwait who was one of the distinctive sons of this society and he became now one of its friends and supporters.

On his part, chairman of the board of directors of Direct Aid, Dr. Ibrahim Al Shahin said that there was keenness on coinciding this event with  the fourth meeting of the leaders at  the civil offices in the African states which represents an addition to the Kuwaiti charity work abroad. As the name of the society indicates, the philosophy of its work is to curry out the charity work in Africa states directly represented by its contributors from various specializations.

Those who participate with us in this meeting  and those who came from 28 African states in which our society is located and works are: the managers of the society offices in these states, therefore we were keen to have a continuation with them directly to work together. “the department at the main office in Kuwait and the department in each African state” and coordinate developing the work and setting the strategies. In addition to that, the society was keen to curry out the projectors of the donators directly. The society is also keen to be its work with each African state under the auspices of the host state and its laws. The charity and human work seek, honestly and faithfully, to help the needy and develop the individual without any political or ethnic considerations. The Direct Aid Society is also proud to work and launch from the state of Kuwait, this country is small, big in the heart of its sons.

On his part, chairman of the committee organizing this meeting, Waleed Al Khamis  said that the  charity work is rooted  in the hearts of Kuwait people who likes the good and giving, refereeing to that   the money will be given  to those who deserve it and this shall occur according to the best ways to achieve the highest interest.

“Interesting in the African man is an interest in the life and interesting in the African community is an interest in the international peace. There will be no life or peace with the need that kill the dignity and ignite the wars. The task became more difficult with increasing the social blights such as the administrative corruption, the absence of the public interests and the backwardness of the services, indicating that the message of the society  is launched from its belief in what it is doing.