In the first surgical voluntary camp by Arab doctors in Tanzania
“Alamal Kuwaiti Team” continues its success with “Direct Aid Society”

Mass media in Tanzania followed up the news of the camp and the university hospital in “Dar Alsalam” honored Kuwaiti doctors.
Kuwaiti medical team examined more than 800 cases and it performed 95 major operation in eight days.

The Direct Aid Society implemented for the fourth consecutive year in collaboration with doctors of “Alamal Kuwaiti Voluntary Team” Alamal fourth surgical Camp. This year, the camp has been established in “Mbela University Hospital ” in the capital of Tanzania, “Dar Alsalam”, and it has lasted for eight days, during which 95 major surgeries, thanks to Almighty God, have succeeded.

Initially, Alamal Medical Team did examination on more than 800 cases flowing into the hospital from the suburbs of the Tanzanian capital “Dar Alsalam” from which 95 cases were chosen for surgical intervention, of which 34 Ophthalmology cases, and 20 surgery of head, neck, ear, nose and throat, 14 surgery of burns and birth defects, 8 of pediatric surgery and speculum of children, 19 cases of general surgery and tumors surgery were carried out.

The camp met media and wide echo and the Kuwaiti doctors were the focus of admiration and praise and appreciation on both the government and public level in which the Tanzanian newspapers covered the daily news of the camp and the administration of the hospital honored the doctors working in the camp and offered them certificates of appreciation and asked them to repeat the camp again in the same hospital.

The strange thing is Dr. Hisham Borozk (leader of Alamal Medical Team) says: “In the beginning, our shock was big when we asked to obtain the necessary license for the establishment of the camp and the response of one of the official doctors was “ what is the relationship between Muslims and medicine?!” Look out for a mosque to pray” The response was harsh, but it increased our determination to implement the camp and it encouraged us to achieve success. Really after the first day of the establishment of the camp and the success of the operations we performed- thanks to God – the treatment of everyone in the hospital changed even a one of the doctors of the hospital said off us saying: “What you have done is a miracle and we are honored that you come many times” Borozk adds “Our surprise increased because of refusing the request of establishment of the camp at its beginning when we knew later that we were the first Arab Muslim team establishing a surgical voluntary camp in Tanzania! Bo Rizk concludes “The camps of Alamal Medical Team this year created a qualitative leap through the critical and difficult operations that we performed where some of those persons wished to have the opportunity to travel outside Tanzania to have such operations”. Also, the doctors of Alamal Medical Team taught and trained the doctors in “Mbela Hospital” to make some of those difficult operations during the camp.

In addition, the camp has not been without difficulties facing the team during implementation where the most important of which was the non-availability of the equipment necessary to carry out the major operations performed so this forced doctors to take a lot of equipment and medical equipment with them and they moved them from one country to another, as well as the severe shortage in many of the drugs needed after operations in addition to the difficulty of obtaining the necessary licenses to conduct such camps.

As for the strangest and most difficult cases facing the camp doctors, they included that operation performed on a patient suffering from elephantiasis and a very strange inflation in the lower part of his body so that has led to the eradication of 14 kg of the scrotum only.

Also there was an operation for restoration and cosmetic performed for a little child with severe burns following the collapse of his entire house which led to the loss of his eyes and his nose and to the adhesion of his mouth to his neck and shoulder.

The doctors also – thanks to God – removed a large tumor catching a 5 month girl and it caused a lot of pressure on the rib cage and lung atrophy and paralysis of the arm.
In one operation which is the first of its kind in Tanzania, one of the team members made eradication of enlarged spleen using a telescope.
One of the rare cases was the operation conducted by pediatricians to develop a new anus for a baby who was suffering from a congenital obstruction for the full anus and it was an operation estimated in the United States about $ 100 thousand dollars.

Also, the surgical oncology team – thanks to God – removed a large malignant tumor from the intestines of a patient and this took nearly 4 hours.

The team of head and neck surgery was able – thanks to God – removed a malignant ulcerated tumor from a twenty year patient in the cheek area stretching to the bones of the face and she needed to move tissues from the neck to the face for the restoration of the facial tissue.

It is said that this camp is the fourth of its kind during the last four years implemented by Direct Aid Society in association with the same Kuwaiti voluntary doctors (Alamal Kuwaiti Medical Team) as three previous camps were carried out in Kenya, Gambia and Somalia.

On this occasion, Direct Aid Society thanks sincerely and appreciate the doctors of Alamal Kuwaiti Medical Team who are the pride for every Kuwaiti. Those doctors are: Dr. Hisham Borozk, consultant of plastic surgery, burns and the head of the Alamal Kuwaiti Medical Team, Dr. Sama Al-Fadhli, the pediatric surgery consultant, Dr. Mohammad Al- Essa, the ear, nose and throat surgery consultant, Dr. Ahdi Al-Bader, the cosmetic surgery and burns consultant, Dr. Abdullah Al-Kandari, the ophthalmology consultant, Dr. Abdul-Mohsen Al-Kandari, the family medicine consultant, Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Rifai the anesthesia consultant, Dr. Ahmed Botaiban, the anesthesia consultant, Dr. Adnan Alhandal, the general surgery consultant, Dr. Khaled Al-Sabah, the ophthalmology consultant, Dr. Jassim Al-Hashel, the neurological diseases consultant, Dr. Hassan Badawi, the anesthesia consultant, Dr.. Ahmed Rashidi, the surgery specialist in ear, nose and throat, Dr. Mohammed Al-Kandari, the general surgery specialist.

The Direct Aid Society also thanks the nursing staff participating: Sayed Mohamed Bayoumi, Sherif Mohamed Rifai, Ehab Galal Hazza, Mohammadi, Rashad Zaki, and anesthesia technician: Saudia Thabet Massad Gerges, Rojanat Pajura Also, the Direct Aid Society thanks the honorable donors of the beloved people of Kuwait – whether those individuals or companies – who have contributed to the camp and sacrificed by money, drugs and the necessary medical equipment for the establishment of the camp and to present it in the best picture.

May Allah reward all those who contributed to this noble work with time or effort or money and God records that in the balance of his good deeds.