Ambassador of Togo Visits Direct Aid Society

Ambassador of Togo Visits Direct Aid Society

Dr. Abdullah Abdulrahman Al-Sumait, the General Manger of Direct Aid Society met Mr. Mohammed Saad UroSama, the ambassador of Togo in Kuwait, during a visit paid by “Sama” to the headquarter of Direct Aid Society to identify the activities and services of the Society in addition to the fields in which the Society is involved in Togo.

“Sama” held many executives positions in Togo, then he was appointed as the minister of trade and industry. Currently, he holds the position of the ambassador of Togo in Kuwait.

During the meeting, they have discussed the means of enhancing cooperation and facilitating works of Direct Aid Society in Togo through exempting it from some taxes and customs on the Society revenues and offering certain privileges for the activities and developmental and charitable projects carried by the Society in Togo.

The meeting was attended by Mr. Makki BouKhaleq (Head of African Coast Sector of Direct Aid Society) and Tarek Fahim (Chairman of Western African Sector in Direct Aid Society) who presented a brief overview of the history and achievements of Direct Aid Office in Togo in addition to the most developmental and charitable projects carried out by the Society during the current period.

It is noteworthy that Direct Aid Society has 5 comprehensive centers in Togo through which it sponsors 1142 orphans and provides educational services for more than 5000 students of various educational grades. The Society has also 4 medical clinics which provide services to the patients for free.