Arabco Secondary School; the first in Kelvy province, Kenya

Arabco Secondary School; the first in Kelvy province, Kenya

In the final results of the current academic year 2013/2014, Arabco Secondary School, which is subject to Direct Aid Society in Kenya, is placed in the first rank among 180 schools operating in Kleve province. In the past year, it is placed in the sixth rank among 169 schools in the same province. This year, the school level is raised to be in the 86th rank among 6500 school on level of Republic of Kenya as the number of students qualified for admitting the university is 23 of 31.

The average number of students in classrooms doesn’t exceed forty four as the society endeavours to decrease the number of students in all its schools to prevent the bad effect on the students’ educational outcome.

Arabco Secondary School, which is built by Direct Aid Society in 2010, is considered one of the outstanding schools in Kenya, where it includes lodgings for students, teachers and administrators, administrative building, playgrounds and scientific labs besides its classrooms.

The school has been built inside one of the integrated centers of the society in Klevy province. In addition to the classrooms, such centers embody a mosque, public library, clinic, legal institute and some vocational classrooms for training on some crafts such as carpentry and blacksmithing.

It is worth mentioning that Direct Aid Society is interested too much in education in Africa; whereas the number of students who are studying in its schools is more than 94000 students (males and females) distributed to 230 schools in various African countries. Also, the number of scholarships provided by the society to the African students during the past year is 6223 which are varying between general education and applied education and university education and post graduate studies.