The sponsor of the inauguration of the ceremony Dr. Abdulmohsen Al-Kharafi Secretary-General of Secretariat Public of Awqaf confirmed that “Kuwait was characterized between the countries of the world by introducing charity”, this came during the inauguration of the fifth field Forum of the Direct Aid Society, which included all field office managers and accountants in 30 African countries.
Dr. Abdulmohsen Al-Kharafi also in his speech praised on this occasion on the Kuwaiti charity and the efforts of Direct Aid Society in African countries, and he praised on the choice of elements of the Forum organized by the Direct Aid Society this year under the guise of “For Effective Management,” and he explained that the effective administration for the charitable work is really the first guarantee for the delivery of donations to the beneficiaries in the best way.

Ahmed Saad Al-Jasser, Chairman of Direct Aid Society began his speech by prayers to Almighty Allah for the immediate recovery for the founder of the society, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Sumait and safe return to his family and loving ones.

He thanked all the attendees for participating in the inauguration ceremony, and he thanked in particular the sponsor of the event, Dr. Abdul Mohsen Al-Kharafi, and attendants such as the African ambassadors and the Kuwaiti ambassadors in some African countries and major donors. Also, he praised on the efforts of the brothers who work in the field offices and urge them for greater efforts and the ongoing tender.

Nabil Al Terkait, the General Manager of the Direct Aid Society explained that the Forum is the culmination of what May Allah the Almighty helped to do in the past years of achievements in various fields, the most important of which was spending more than 4 Million Kuwaiti Dinars on relief in the Horn of Africa, and the construction of more than two thousand projects that serve our educational, health and social goals and also drilling of more than 1100 wells which are deep and superficial in addition to caring and sponsoring twenty thousand orphans, and a lot of health and development projects and the establishment of a number of surgical camps, and medical services.

It is noteworthy that this event is the fifth of its kind organized by the Direct Aid Society every two years for managers of its offices in the African continent, and which will address three main areas: planning, information and financial ones in the period from 15 to 19 April, and this forum compromises 60 offices managers and field accountants from those who are working in Direct Aid Society in 30 African countries, and in addition to university Directors and Deans of its affiliated colleges.