Mr. Amged Roman, General Coordinator for Bader Website, visits Direct – Aid Organization in Kuwait concerning the Informative Partnership Conference organized by United Nation Office in cooperation with Islamic Charity, Direct – Aid Organization.

Mr. Roman has met both Mr. Issa Bou Rahma , Executive  Manager of the organization  and Mr. Jasem Al Rabie, General Manager of  Social Care in the African Continent  who is responsible for ten  African states in Direct Aid Organization . During this meeting, he listened to a review of social care activities which include orphans and schools, in addition to other different activities. Social Care Division takes care of nearly 19000 orphans (nineteen thousand orphans) in the African continent, with continuous increase per year.

It is know that the Direct – Aid Organization has special standards in the social care summarized in the comprehensive since the orphan, for example, receives comprehensive care from food, cloth and education   until graduation.

It is worth mentioning that the Direct – Aid Organization, established by the well- known Islamic Caller Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Somit before more than quarter century, is one of the oldest Islamic organizations involving in the African continent ,since it curried out thousands of   Islamic Calling  (Daawa) and  relief  projects and graduated thousands of students, some of them hold senior positions in their country. The organization is confessed to be impartial, effective, and fair and accepted publically in the continent.

At the end of his visit, Mr. Roman reviewed Bader Project before the fellow in the Organization who expressed their impression with the project; specially the location is famous for the organization and gets the relief work close to the public.