Direct aid continues to develop education in African countries

The vision of direct aid starts in preventing illiteracy in Africa, believing that education makes the real change in marginalized societies, raising awareness and knowledge creates an influential and productive person who contributes to obtaining sustainability.

This was stated by Dr Abdullah Abdulrahman Al-Sumait, the General Manager of Direct Aid Society, who confirmed that the association continues to allocate 40% of its budget to education, which was believed by the late founder of the Society, Dr Abdul Rahman Al-Sumait, may God have mercy on him, when he said, “If I had the chance to go back in time I would have only invested in Africa’s education “.

In his statement, he emphasized that this interest in education is presented by following the pioneering experiences and benefiting from them in the continuous improvement of the educational process in 281 schools established by the association and undertaking its management. These educational facilities benefit annually from 16 thousand educational programs directed to serve male and female students.

Al-Sumait added that during the month, direct aid implemented 172 educational projects in 17 African countries, these programs varied between professional courses and motivational programs for outstanding students, student activities and life skills, establishing libraries for students and other distinguished projects that aim to provide a diversity of knowledge and different teaching methods.

These projects contributed to the development of education for more than 49 thousand students during August and September.

Finally, Dr Abdullah Al-Sumait stated his assertion that these efforts would not have succeeded without the support of the State of Kuwait in all its institutions for charitable work, and the love of the people of Kuwait for charity which has become the most distinguishing feature of them among the world.