“Direct Aid Society concluded the Hajj and Sacrifice season with the implementation of 33,000 sacrifice in Africa and Yemen, benefiting about one million people from the poor, widows and people with special needs in the countries where direct aid works,” said the director of public relations, Majid al-Zaabi. He add “The Society, thanks to Allah, has completed its journey – which began more than thirty years ago- to pay the expenses for pilgrims from tribal leaders, preachers and sultans to perform Hajj. As 210 pilgrims performed Hajj this season on the expenses of charity people, in addition to 70 pilgrims on the expenses of His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, as usual every year, May Allah protect him.

Al-Zaabi said that Direct Aid, as usual for several years, organized in cooperation with blogger Mohammed Al-Husainan and social media activists a campaign on the day of Arafa allocated in the third year to build and equip a huge hospital in Tanzania and equip Ophthalmology hospital in Chad, which participated by more than 85,000 donors. He explained that Tanzania hospital consists of 5 floors with a total area of 7,200 square meters, which includes outpatient clinics for all specialties, radiology and ultrasound department, laboratory, CT scan, maternity and childhood care ward, gynecology and obstetrics ward, general surgery ward, ophthalmology department and dentistry department.

The other part of the campaign was to support equipping an ophthalmology hospital, which Direct Aid built in the capital of Chad, N’Djamena, which also includes a specialized center for Radiology, various tests and analyzes, general medicine clinics, Gynecology, Surgery, Pediatric, as well as rooms to host medical camps.

Direct Aid was keen to choose areas that lack medical services to implement the two projects, where their sick people have to travel long distances to get decent treatment. The Director of Public Relations and Marketing explained that this is not available to the poor and needy, so mothers have to monitor the deterioration of their children’s health conditions because of the difficulty to obtain treatment, which make them despair to heal.

In conclusion, he thanked donors’ trust and their support for Direct Aid projects, he promised that the Society will continue its approach to implement work transparently, which keeps the donor constantly informed about the implementation of projects that achieve lasting benefit and the greatest benefit for needy and poor people.