Commitment of “Direct Aid” Contributed to Raising 2.5 million KD for Somalia

Commitment of “Direct Aid” Contributed to Raising 2.5 million KD for Somalia

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor praised the performance of Direct Aid Society in its campaign for the relief of brothers in Somalia from famine and its commitment through which 2.518 million KD was raised paid by 67 thousand donors, about 95% of them are individuals inside Kuwait and 5% from abroad.

The Director of Charities Department in the Development Sector of the Ministry Munira Al-Kandari said “This number is an evidence of goodness within the people of Kuwait, home of humanity, and their keenness to lend a helping hand to every needy person everywhere”.

Al-Kandari added in a press release that “The big amount drew the attention of the Ministry officials which prompts the Undersecretary Dr. Matar Al-Mutairi to assign a committee form the Charities Department to follow up the fund-raising process. The committee, which I personally presided, found great cooperation from the Society management; they gave us a flash memory within a quarter of an hour which states the exact amount, number of donors and methods of donation that were mostly online, which reassured us together with the Ministry officials concerning the valid donation procedures and the commitment of the Society to the regulations for fund-raising.

She mentioned that “Raising this amount by the Direct Aid shows to everyone that we as a Ministry are on the right track and our work during the last months through activating laws and issuing regulations for charity and following up the fund-raising process through the inspection committees over the year has achieved the desired.

Al-Kandari added in a press release that “Kuwaiti people’s love for charity and their keenness to help the needy everywhere is clear to all, and their donation initiative to help is a genuine part of their composition. Adding “The history of charitable work in Kuwait is bright, lacking only in the past the activation of laws and issuance of regulations to control it so that donation reachs its beneficiaries and to keep the donors’ funds. This is what the Ministry was keen to do during the last period under the guidance of the Minster of Economic Affairs Hind Al-Subeeh since the beginning of her tenure as well as the Undersecretary Dr. Matar Al-Mutairi with the cooperation of the parties involved in the charitable work in Kuwait, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the stakeholders.”

Al-Kandari gave an example of the last campaign of Direct Aid for the relief of the Somali people from famine which resulted in raising 2.5 million KD in 12 hours, and this proves that the steps of the Ministry of Social Affairs have achieved its desired goals.

She extended her thanks to the parties involved in the Society, the Kuwaiti people and all who shared in the relief of the Somali people.

Al-Kandari said that “Direct Aid has applied formally to the Undersecretary of Social Affairs for getting a 3-month license to launch the campaign on the last 27th March, and he gave his consent to the Charities Department to do the necessary. Indeed, we issued the approval to the Society, providing them with the fund-raising controls and restricting fun-raising to the allowed means only, not accepting cash donations, listing the project in the annual financial and administrative report of the Society, getting the approval of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs and abiding by the laws of the county receiving aid”. Adding “The Society’s compliance with the controls and the benefactors rushing to help raised 2.5 million KD within 12 hours only, which is a precedent, and the Society had to stop fund-raising due to its inability to establish projects with more than this amount raised.”

Al-Kandari explained that “The campaign of Somalia relief is still ongoing in all charities in Kuwait which are 27 and till now the competition in the charitable work is intense; all of them comply with the laws, regulations and controls set by our Ministry.”
Al-Kandari mentioned that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs asked the Ministry of Social Affairs to direct the Kuwaiti charities to launch a popular campaign for fund-raising keeping up with the UN campaign in contribution to mitigate the human crisis suffered by the Horn of Africa countries “Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya and Uganda”.