Direct aid: 1,700 million dinars for “Arafa Center” in Chad

Direct aid: 1,700 million dinars for “Arafa Center” in Chad

During a four-hour public campaign

The Direct Aid Association announced the collection of 1,700 million dinars in “Arafa Center” campaign held last week in cooperation with Mohammed Al-Hussainan, known as “Q8ping” under the supervision of Ministry of Affairs. It was supposed to be 12 hours campaign, but it exceeds all the expectations and collected the amount in just 4 hours, noting that the number of donors exceeded 40,000, as the turnout was high on the branches and website.

In a statement, the Direct Aid Association congratulate Kuwaiti people for Eid al-Adha and the charity works that reach the poorest, most needy and marginal areas, which The Direct Aid is keen to reach for the development and empowerment of societies.

It pointed out that “Arafa Center” to be built in Chad serves 5700 students studying in primary schools, which contains 96 classes of 2300 students, as well as middle and high schools.

It indicated that the project includes establishing a two-story clinic with 6 integrated clinics, serving thousands of beneficiaries in the neighborhood, since it will be built in an area with high population density.

The project also includes establishing the “Big Mosque”, which accommodate more than 800 worshipers and considered a call center for the surrounding areas, in addition to vocational training center for 1150 students, trains them on different crafts to face life’s hardships and move from the lower hand to the upper hand as they will be productive workers within the community. The project will also include 6 orphanages with a capacity of 380 orphans.

The Association stated that the students will stay at the center for nearly 12 years from the age of 6 years to the age of 18 years, from primary to secondary schools, then graduate to enter universities and vocational training centers to be future leaders in their communities – raised on true Islamic principles and values for the good of their countries.

The “Direct Aid” thanked the people of Kuwait and charities for their good deeds, as well as the Ministry of Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to facilitate and control the task of collecting donations and charitable work in the presence of the humanitarian leader Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad, may Allah bless him.

The Association finished its statement by pointing out that the opening of the project will be transmitted through social media channels, as the Association used to show the followers and donators the impact of their charitable donations on the ground.