As part of its intensive ongoing efforts to fight against ignorance, poverty and disease in African communities, Direct Aid successfully concluded its third Eye-Disease camp in collaboration with Al Basar International Foundation held by Mali Office during the period of 27th September to 3rd October in Bamako.

According to a statement issued by the Society, Direct Aid applied a new approach to camp management as callers of Islam at Mali Office are designated to organize the camp with regards to overseeing the total delivery of services in the camp, as well as to ensure appropriate training for callers to manage public affairs and give them the opportunity to share their experience and learn from each other.

The statement added that this approach has achieved unprecedented success in terms of organization, good management and patients’ satisfaction with the services offered to them. This is reflected in large number of people pouring into the camp one day before opening day, promoting Camp Management to send group of Organizing Committee to spend the night in the site, staying up all night to ensure that the patients are organized in a queue structure in order to facilitate the detection process.

Local media sent special thanks to Direct Aid, team of doctors and the staff who are responsible for the management of third Eye Camp for their unusual efforts.  The detection process begins at half past third in the morning until Maghreb prayer, enabling the camp doctors (i.e 18 doctors) to examine nearly five thousand and five hundred patients in the first day of camp. The activities of this day were covered by local television and radio. The event received a great deal of attention from both public and authorities, as the Society office received several calls commending the initiative and expressing gratitude to the Society for its appreciated efforts.

According to the statement, the camp lasts for five days and offers an excellent opportunity to perform nearly four hundred surgical operations, and distribute more than 1000 pairs of reading glasses and medications free of charge to more than three thousand people.

The camp includes calling activities, in which callers to Islam addressed many topics, including Islam and its interests in healing (istishfa), the concept of worship in Islam, and the principles and fundamentals of Islam.

Audio-visual media reported unanimously that the Society, through its third Eye Camp, has successfully brought the joy to the hearts of patients who saw the light again after living in the dark for years because they could not afford the required surgery costs. All raised their hands in supplication to those who donated in Eye Camp and contributed to the healing of many patients.