In pursuit of charitable societies in Kuwait to have a prominent role in supporting government institutions and the first lines of defence in the face of Corona, it has been established since the first days of the start of the global health crisis the umbrella of the national campaign for charities to mobilize the efforts facing Corona to coordinate and to provide all possible support to work sites from providing logistical support And services for the medical staff and civil defence, providing volunteers to serve the work teams and auditors, and providing the needs of the needy families residing in Kuwait to help them provide the necessary needs these days.

Sensing from the Direct Aid Society in its societal role, coordination has been made with the Central Blood Bank to fill the shortage in the blood supply that the bank is currently facing, by organizing a campaign inviting the community to donate. Dr Abdullah Abdul-Rahman Al Sumait, Director General of Direct Aid Society, stated that the campaign sought to provide an opportunity for the country’s citizens and residents to serve Kuwait in these difficult circumstances, the registration witnessed the campaign record number during the first hours since the launch of the registration link, as the number of registrants reached more than 3,700 registered

The association, in cooperation with blood bank officials, was keen to provide the necessary health precautions to provide a sterile and safe place for the participants, as the donation hall witnessed a great turnout since the early hours of the registered donors. Dr Al-Sumait emphasized that the role of the Central Blood Bank and the speed of its interaction was a major reason facilitating the organization of the campaign He also praised the role of the Volunteer Achievement Team from Kuwait University, which contributes to organizing the campaign, thanking everyone in it for their commitment to the well-organized and welcoming of donors.

Confirming the continuation of the campaign until Thursday evening, when the registrants are received for donation, it was possible to confirm by calling them, hoping that God will make what they have offered Kuwait and its people acceptable and contribute to the payment of harm on our country and the whole world.

The Director-General of Direct Aid Society concluded by thanking all charitable organizations for their collaboration under the umbrella of the National Campaign for Charitable Associations to mobilize the confrontational efforts Corona and its effective and proven role in serving the nation, which is the duty of every individual and institution, and thanked the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Health for all the support provided and guidance that was the reason The speed of the campaign, thanks to God