Within the care of Direct Aid Society previously (Africa Muslims Committee) to achieve its strategic goal in spreading knowledge specially among the children who are deprived from Education in Africa and promoting this big continent, and in line with this vision, the committee has lunched the project “Sponsoring Poor Student” for philanthropists as there are more than 45 million deprived children from education in Africa because of the bad economic circumstances which the black continent suffer from. The committee is aiming with all its strength at graduating educated and cultured generation and save it from ignorance, hanger and illness to move it towards Science and knowledge.
In this regard, Dr. Abdulrahman Saleh Al-Muhailan, Chairman of Board of Directors has announced in a press that the committee is aiming through the project “Sponsor Poor Student” at educating ( 100 Thousand children) who were deprived because of their bad economic circumstances, as this big project is based upon establishing school, teacher, subjects and also meals adding to the previous a subvention presented to the father of the child in order to enable his sons to complete their education carefully.
Al-Muhailan stated that the committee assumes the responsibility of building private model schools for this reason especially in remote villages and working on managing, operating and providing these schools with teaching staff, subjects and all its supplies from instruments, books, leaflets, and meals for children and also the material side for the child’s father. The committee also keen on reaching the best scientific outcome stating that contribution in sponsoring this project can be through sponsoring poor student with 10 K.D monthly through the website of the Direct Aid Society, Al-Muhailan valued the interaction of philanthropists in Kuwait and their good interaction with the Direct Aid Society as their medical efforts and white hands has reached all countries of the world that present material and intellectual relief for the poor and the needy hoping their prominent support in activating this charitable blessed project.

Al-Muhailan continued: the majority of those children who live in all African countries work in hard works in spite of their young age and they don’t learn because of their destitution as the paterfamilias prefer getting income from their children than educating them, so how he will educate his children and he can’t find feeding for his hunger. Al-Muhailan added that due to these circumstances the father direct his sons towards work in farms or grazing or any other craft in order for the money to find insurance for food and drink as in the father’s opinion, the work of his sons resulted in income and profit so it has more priority than their education. As how someone who can’t find what to eat to think in the education case.
Concerning how to overcome the father’s circumstances and asking them to let their children go to school and leave work, the committee will give paterfamilias a certain amount of money for bringing his son to us to receive education because the son is the source of income to his father. In addition to that the son will be given a meal in order to encourage him for learning as he miss this kind of meals in his house so, we use different ways to achieve our holy goals which are spreading knowledge and science all over Africa in order to raising Muslim generation to be educated, cultured and productive in their local communities and to be a proud for Islam and the efforts of philanthropists in Kuwait.