Direct Aid Carried Out 1495 New Project During The First Half of 2015.

Direct Aid Carried Out 1495 New Project During The First Half of 2015.

During the first half of the current year 2015 AD, Direct Aid has carried out a big number of constructional projects in the African Content estimated nearly at 1495 varied projects, including digging artesian and surficial wells , building mosques, schools, orphan houses, clinics, etc.

Direct Aid’s Manager of Projects Management, Fawzi Bou Qureed , has stated that 399 projects were completed, including 532 artesian and surficial well, 19 mosque, 3 orphan house and other 1096 projects are under implementation.

“we set an annual plan for the constructional projects that will be implemented according to a study on the actual needs provided by our civil offices in 33 African countries , through which we estimate the needs of the poor in the aspects of basic life, including water, education and health, the matter which is in line with our strategy in fighting the poverty, ignorance and disease”, Abou Qureed added.

“Direct Aid pays great attention to building the educational entities for all phases, especially the main educational phase ” Elementary and Intermediate) where the schools usually comprise 3 to 12 class along with the offices of teachers and management staff as well as the health facilities, in addition to the labs and library in the secondary phase. Class capacity reaches to 40 student. Direct Aid also seeks now to complete building the second phase of Umma University in Kenya which is considered as the first Islamic university adopted and managed by a chartable society in Africa and , at the same time, the first Islamic University in Kenya”, Abou Qureed explained.
Abou Qureed indicated ” Solving the problem of water scarcity in many remote places in that African country comes on the top of our priority in this period. We have already started, this year, a unique experiment in the project ” Springs – To – Life”, adding that we hope provide sufficient support to repeat this experiment in other countries , as we aim through this ambitious project to dig 100 artesian well in Niger with depth 120 m equipped with electric pumps, storing towers and extensions to supply water to many villages where the users of each well are estimated at 10000 people.

With regard to Direct Aid’s interest in the health aspect, Abou Qureed said ” we seek currently to expand the health services provided to the poor through building small health units ” clinics” with an area of 120 m that we try to circulate in the regions prevented from the governmental health services . These clinics usually comprise physician room, bandage room, observation room, pharmacy and some basic health facilities”

” Moreover, we aim at building a number of big hospitals in the big cities in each country to include all the medical specializations and through which the annual medical camps can be held to be visited by the poor patients who come to undergo free surgical operations “, he added.