Performing 1250 Surgical Procedures to Combat Blindness in the Republic of Senegal

In its efforts to combat blindness in the continent of Africa and Yemen, Direct Aid has executed its largest eye camp that has been launched in the Republic of Senegal. It is constructed with great efforts and elaborate organisation to reap the benefits desired from it.

The Director-General of Direct Aid, Dr. Abdullah Abdulrahman Alsumait, stated that the camps were constructed with a partnership with a team from Eye of the World. Their team included a fully experienced medical team that has experience in constructing eye camps in Africa. This comes as a commitment from the Direct Aid Organisation to combat diseases in the countries it operates in. With eye diseases especially, they could have a direct effect on the individual’s production and the falter in development that occurs in societies when the blind could not work or even need the help of other members of his family for his personal needs which could affect his children’s education or the parents’ work to take care of the patient.

He also stated that Direct Aid is proud of its growing role in combating blindness in the African continent and Yemen, which has been annually responsible for the return of eyesight to more than 77,000 patients.

In the past two months, through 7 free surgical camps to combat blindness, the total number of cases of consultation reached 30,000 beneficiaries as well as performing 7,300 surgical procedures to combat blindness. The camp also distributed glasses on 7,442 to correct their vision.

And in his statement, Alsumait emphasised that the State of Kuwait has achieved much in its efforts to combating blindness across the world through its charitable foundations. This counts as a distinction and source of pride to be announced in all conferences that unite international organisations, whether humanitarian or charitable. This also contributes as another achievement to be added to the list of achievements of our beloved country in the field of humanitarian aid.