In his most recent visits to a number of African countries

The recent visit by the chairman of the board Dr. Abdulrahman Salah Almuhailan to a number of African countries resulted in several outcomes in regard to education, health and cooperation and understanding agreements between a number of agencies which would supports the work and efforts of Direct Aid’s organisation in the African countries it operates in.

In Kenya, Almuhailan met with the Kenyan Minster of Education to discuss issues of mutual interest. He also attended the meeting with the Board of Directors of Umah University and another meeting with the Board of Directors of Simd University (the meeting was held in Nairobi as a result of the unstable security situation in Somalia). Almuhailan also paid an inspection visit to follow up the recent work in the project of the second phase of university.

In Tanzania, Almuhailan attended a meeting with the council of the Islamic University in Morogor. A university that was acquired by Direct Aid in agreement with its owners who are represented in the Muslim Development Fund. Almuhailan signed a cooperation agreement, on behalf of the organisation, between Direct Aid and the Amanah Bank, which happens to be the first Islamic bank in Tanzania. The agreement was signed by Dr. Abdulrahman Salah Almuhailan on Direct Aid’s side and Mohsen Salem Massoud as the General Bank Manager of Amanah.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between the Direct Aid Organisation and Namaa’ Foundation, which is based in Malaysia, to cooperate in establishing a fund that supports education by providing soft loans to students at universities or instituates of higher education. This memorandum was signed by the Director-General of Direct Aid Dr. Abdullah Alsumait and on behalf of the Namaa’ Foundation Dr Salah Mubark Salah Bazad.

Almuhailan also attended the meeting of the Board of Directs of Alsumait University during which various topics related to the development of the university were discussed after the appointment of a new director of Malaysian nationality. Almuhailan then visited, with the accompanying delegation, the Onaiza orphanage, one of the most distinguished centres in the country. During his visit, he met with orphans that were previous residents and graduates of the Onaiza orphanage who had benefited from the services provided by Direct Aid which included grants.وا

During this trip, Almuhailan also attended the graduation ceremony of the 14th batch of the University of Simd, where the number of graduates this year has reached 558 students in thirteen specialities divided between eight colleges. Additionally, Almuhailan inspected the University Hospital of Simd during his visit which happens to be the largest university hospital in the region. The hospital is scheduled to officially open and operate after the arrival of medical equipment during the coming period.