More than 3,700 poverty stricken Mauritanian families received food aid during Ramadan 2010. The aid was dispatched as one of various humanitarian activities carried out in poor African communities by the Kuwait-based humanitarian organization, Direct Aid.

General Manager of Direct Aid, Eisa Burhamah, said the program mainly targeted orphans, single mothers and people with special needs, noting that Direct Aid was keen on reaching remote areas and dispatching the aid in dignified methods.

Each Direct Aid food basket contained 10 kilos of rice, five kilos of sugar and 3 liters of cooking oil, said Burhamah, noting that it would last each family from seven to 10 days. Direct Aid food program in Mauritania had reached about 6,000 families during the last three years and would continue its efforts to aid poor families in remote Mauritanian areas.

Direct Aid started its humanitarian activities in 1981 as a voluntarily non-governmental institution. The institution’s activities targets development projects in poor African communities. Under the slogan “Every Child in Africa has the Right to Education,” Direct Aid has been mainly focusing on education as a basic means to make a difference in poor African communities.


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