Direct Aid honored “Bahrah” Trading Company

Direct Aid honored “Bahrah” Trading Company

In a good gesture that appreciates the role of the private sector in support of charities, Direct Aid Society honored “Bahrah” Trading Inc. for heavy equipment, a subsidiary company of Al-Sayer Group for its recent voluntary participation in the installation and maintenance of drilling equipment’s, which was recently inaugurated by Direct Aid in Niger for the preparation to start working in it’s giant project “springs to life” that takes three years to complete.

The project aims to drill 100 artesian deep well using solar-powered pumps and tanks that distributes clean water to 400 villages and benefiting about 500 thousand people a day for 25 years (the lifespan of deep wells). In addition the project will also help in watering the animals, where the province of Zinder – one of the Beneficiary provinces of the wells- is considered the most important livestock sources in Niger, as well as irrigation of agricultural land and other water uses in area’s that dwelleth therein more than 3 million people. The project is considered as a first phase that will be generalized later on a number of other African countries suffering from drought and scarcity of water resources.

Direct Aid Society has sent a formal appreciation letter to “Bahra” company expressing its gratitude to the volunteer services provided by sending specialized technicians in the installation and maintenance of drilling equipment and carrying out the training of workers in the Society’s “Suqya” Foundation in Niger to operate and maintain the equipment’s.

The Society also presented souvenirs from the African handmade art and certificates of appreciation as an expression of gratitude and valued participation by Al-Sayer Group in acts of goodness and being an example for the rest of the private sector companies in the field of volunteerism and community service for each of:

Mr. Nasser Mubarak Al-Sayer – Chief Executive Officer – Commercial Sector – Mohammed Naser Al-Sayer & Sons Company
Mr. Hamza Malacandy -General Director of “Bahrah” Trading Company
Mr. Abdulqader Naranath -Assistant Director of Bahrah Trading Company
Mr. Syed Arif Pasha -Senior heavy duty equipment mechanical technician in Bahrah company
Mr. Subhash Alokarran Sankaran -Heavy duty Equipment Electrical Technician Specialist

The “springs to life” project is one of the largest water projects in the history of Direct Aid Society, which is consistent with the Society strategic vision in the renaissance of African communities in health, education and socially, especially in a society such as Niger, which 80% of its area covered by desert, 63% of its population live below the poverty line, 50% of its budget depends on foreign aid, and internationally classified within the world’s poorest countries and the least developed among them. In addition, the majority of Niger’s population suffers from lack of water sources, as most of the existing wells are shallow water and withdrawals in a very primitive manner by ropes and buckets, which are often results in non-drinkable water.