The Direct Aid honors the Kuwait Finance House “Baitak” in recognition for its efforts and donation for many projects curried by the committee. It played a tangible role in these projects. The general manager, Issa Bou Rahmah, has provided a meddle to  the executive in chief  of Kuwait Finance House “Baitak” Mohamed Sulieman Al Omar. A copy of the editions of the committee includes its works and efforts in the relief and supporting the inflicted from the crises, emphasizing  that the society considers the support provided by Kuwait Finance House  (Baitak) for its works has  participated clearly in its success.

Bou Rahmah stated that “Baitak” continues its charity efforts  including deepening the good soul and the value of giving which distinguish Kuwait Society in the past and present. The contributions of “Baitak”  in supporting the charity work of the official societies  are considered the greatest factors in their success ,glorifying their status in the state of Kuwait  and enhancing  their positive image  as a country providing help to each needy in any place  and in different conditions.

On his part, Al Omar stressed that  the collective work  in “Baitak” extends to include the international and local society, in all the  human and noble meanings of the word  calling for the good, growth and prosperity for all the world people , and “Baitak” acts to achieve this objective that is  considered as an addition to the role played by Kuwait and its people as well as its positive image  at the international level with the authorities concerned with providing the aids for the needy at the time of crisis and the difficult conditions.

Al Omar added that the social contributions of  Kuwait Finance house “Baitak” are considered as a basic part in its work, whether at the social level, through applying the concept stating that the money has a basic role in the society and the importance of supporting the plans of progress and development as well as enhancing the works of the authorities concerned with the sides of the basic life such as health, education, taking care of the needy, those of special needs and the other categories such as the youth, or through its work and economic activity which is based on the concept “rehabilitation of the land” which make all the works and activities include social and developmental objective beside the profit objective.

He added that the achievements accomplished by “Baitak” in this field over 33 years of its career ,which are clear and multiple, have tangible and overlapped effects on the activities and programs organized by the authorities and official committees which pay attention to the charity work and contribute in highlighting the charity side in the society through activities and works, most of them inside Kuwait and some outside.