Direct Aid Honors Its Veteran Employees

Direct Aid Honors Its Veteran Employees

Direct Aid Society organized a ceremony to honor its veteran employees who have served for more than 20 years in the Society.

The ceremony was attended by the chairman of the Board of Directors, Abdul Rahman Saleh Mahalan and members of the Board and the general manager Dr. Abdullah Al-Sumait and the staff of the Society.

In his speech on this occasion, Mahalan praised the role played by the honored employees and the great efforts they have made during their terms of work which are up to 30 years for some of them. He pointed out that they have witnessed the emergence of the Society and they have lived through the development and expansion of its business. They also overcame all the difficulties with Society until it has accessed this global status and it has became the focus of trust and appreciation in all international forums. This is an evidence on their great affiliation and the sincerity of their love for their work and the strength of their dedication and loyalty to such a blessed Society.

Mahalan added : “Our employees are the most valuable asset the Society owns. The strength of this blessed Society lies in those trained personnel with practical experience that meet the objectives of the charity Society and that elevates the level of service provided to the generous donors and implement its humanitarian, relief and development activities in the African continent with the utmost precision and craftsmanship”.

For his part, Dr. Abdullah Al-Sumait, general manager of the Society, appreciated the efforts of the honored veteran employees who are still on their work and he urged them to exert more efforts and work to maintain the global status accessed by Society based on the efforts of its founder, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Sumait – God’s mercy on him – and their good efforts.

In his speech, Sumait pointed out the need to transfer the experience of veteran employees to a new generation of young people staff who undertake the responsibility to continue on the same path set up by the founder of the Society Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Sumait – God’s mercy on him- of generosity and self-denial and the elevation of the value of teamwork and spirit of one team.

Sumait concluded his speech by mentioning some of the achievements of the Society, which would not be achieved without God and the help of the honored donators and valued efforts of you and other donators in Kuwait and our field offices in Africa. Thanks to God, the Society established more than 4,500 mosques in various African countries, and it dug more than 15,500 shallow and artesian wells, and it established 330 orphanage and supported more than 60 thousand orphans. It also established more than 490 schools for various study grades where million African students have learned and it supported more than 3,000 students for university studies and more than 700 students for higher studies. It also supported 2000 teachers and it established and operates 258 hospital and clinics, and it carried out more than 150 camps specialized for medical treatment of eye diseases, and it sent more than 550 tons of aid, medicine, food and clothes to the affected and harmed areas, and it has set up 10 broadcast radio stations for Holy Quran.