National relief campaign Committee has launched humanitarian aid included more than 6000 tons of relief items to help the affected population in Somalia, in cooperation with Direct Aid and Turkish humanitarian relief Foundation (İHH), and in coordination with Kuwait Women Convoy Group. This announcement was made at a press conference held by Direct Aid Society in its headquarters at Hawalli yesterday afternoon, in the presence of Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Sumait, a representative of IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, Izzat Shaheen and the president of Kuwait Women Convoy Group, Sinan Al-Ahmad.

Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Sumait said that this cooperation maintains good opportunity that promotes cooperation between national organizations in Kuwait and Turkey, in order to support our brothers in Somalia who are in need of immediate assistance. He expressed his sincere thank and gratitude to Turkish humanitarian relief Foundation (İHH) for sending the ship which loaded with more than 6000 tons of relief items by Kuwait Direct Aid Society. “We saw millions of refugee and displaced people”, he adds.

“Most, who in fact are more affected than others, have come from regions of southern Somalia to Dada refugee camp in the north, which is supervised by United Nations. Refugees are suffering from water shortages or a difficulty in accessing water tankers because of road .”

The ship includes flour, sugar, oil as well as small amounts of rice and milk because of milk significantly higher prices, while we hoped to increase its amounts”, Al-Sumait adds. “There are also clothes. The Society allocated 20 million dollars collected from Kuwaiti people who donated for relief campaign. Such amount includes this shipment as well as earlier shipments which have been already sent to the Horn of Africa.”

IHH representative talked about the history of the IHH: “IHH was formed in response to the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina. It operates in Somalia under the umbrella of Zamzam Foundation, which is known for its honesty.”

He added that the İHH has sent two earlier ships carrying aid items to Somalis and offered care to 400 orphans. The İHH allocated $20 million dollars worth of aid for the affected Somalis.

Izzat further said that Turkish government brought Somali patients including children to Turkey where they might possibly receive better care. In the end, he thanked Direct Aid Society and Kuwait Women Convoy Group for their contributions and called for more concerted effort and future cooperation.

Talking about the role of the Society in coordinating between the IHH and Direct Aid, the representative of Kuwait Women Convoy Group said (all praise and thanks be to Allah) these efforts boosted the fruitful cooperation between the Society and the Foundation.

Al-Ahmad also states that the ship in Shuwaikh Port is freedom flotilla ship which sailed to Gaza in an attempt to break the blockade, with a cargo of more than 6000 tons. It took 10 days to arrive to Kuwait. The ship will set sail for Somalia after loaded with aid materials. She also thanked everyone who contributed to the campaign including Kuwait Flour Mills. She concluded by saying, “this ship is a message to all people that we are looking for peace and we care about all human beings everywhere. “