“Direct Aid” Implemented the Eighth Eye Camp

“Direct Aid” Implemented the Eighth Eye Camp

Direct Aid Society Office in Ethiopia implemented recently the eighth eye camp in Amhara province, (30 Km north of the capital Addis Ababa), which is considered the largest second province in Ethiopia in terms of its area and population which is estimated with 20 million people of which 65% are Muslims.

The camp lasts for continues 10 days during which 1000 surgeries have been conducted to remove Cataract out of more than 10,000 persons who have been examined during the preparation period before the inauguration of the camp.

The preparation period lasts for two months during which licenses have been obtained by the governmental competitive authorities, newspapers and local media in Dacey and neighboring cities have announced for the camp, advertisements have been distributed all over the province, necessary surgical equipments and medicines have been shipped, a number of 18 specialist medical team have been chosen, initial tests have been performed for patients and surgeries have been conducted.

This camp is considered as a completion to the seventh camp implemented by the society last August in the same hospital in Dacey during which 811 surgeries have been conducted to remove cataract. Because of the large number of people in addition to adding more patients on waiting list, the society considered the necessity of implementing this complementary camp to perform a number of additional surgeries to help the poor in the province.

These camps are consistent with the strategy of Direct Aid Society for fighting blindness in Africa aiming at treating 1 million cases who are infected with blindness in different areas in Africa either implemented directly or through cooperation with some international institutions. The society have implemented 6 surgeries during the last six years in different Ethiopian territorial including Gambella, Bani Hengyul and Amhara during which 4500 surgeries have been conducted to remove cataract.

According to the statistics of Ethiopian Ministry of Health in 2006/2007, cases infected with blindness reached to 1.2 million of which 50 % came as a result of Cataract.

Direct Aid has a long history of 20 years of working in Ethiopia through its office opened by Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Sumait (May Allah have mercy upon him) in 1994. The society implemented many educational, health, social and relief projects through its centers in a number of Ethiopian cities including Yabelo, Jijiga and Tazarit. These projects also included drilling dozen of wills, constructing dozen of schools mosques and medical clinics and others.

It is mentioned that there are 35 million persons around the world who are infected with blindness among which 80 % can be cured, there is one person caught blindness each 5 seconds and that each 60 seconds, there is one child infected with blindness.

Most of such injuries are in Asia and Africa and the surgery for removing cataract costs 40 KD and takes 15 minutes only where the patient can see again God willing.