Direct Aid in Rwanda distributes relief materials for refugees

Direct Aid in Rwanda distributes relief materials for refugees

Direct Aid Society Office in Rwanda carried out a relief program for Rwandan refugees returning from Tanzania which ensure foodstuffs (rice – flour – corn – .beans – sugar – Oil – Soap) and medical supplies that are sufficient for 3 months.

The program includes all the families that have been resettled in Bogsera province, eastern Rwanda, in total of 253 families which are approximately 1,000 .person, and at a cost of 32,703 euros.

The relief program activities have already started in the city of Nyamata and extended to 15 cities including Gashora, Guru, Kamabuye, Mareba, Mayange .and Musange.

The Minister of Rwandan Disaster Management and Refugee Affairs and a large number of government officials have attended the distribution of relief supplies, including the governor of Bogsera province. The program has also witnessed media coverage from the state official TV and radio along with a number .of local newspapers.

Furthermore, the community development services provided by the Direct Aid Society in Rwanda which helps the poor and needy Muslims and non-Muslims without discrimination have been praised by the Minister of Disaster Management and Refugee Affairs, demanding the Society to continue on supporting .returning Rwandan refugees from Tanzania who are expected to be more than 20,000 refugees that will be resettled during the coming period respectively.