In support of government efforts, direct aid supports affected families within Kuwait

Direct Aid Society plays an active role in supporting official and civil efforts to combat the Corona epidemic; this role comes in line with the commendable efforts of Kuwaiti charities in various fields, starting from the recommendations of His Highness the Amir of the country, in which he urged Kuwaiti associations and citizens to join hands, cooperate and redouble efforts to provide relief to those affected by the pandemic, In support of the humanitarian reputation of the State of Kuwait and its generous role, which deserved to be called a country of humanity.

Dr Abdullah Al-Sumait, General Director of Direct Aid Society stated, ” Direct Aid endeavours started since the end of January, Keeping track of the News and circulated internal and field procedures and systems to combat the epidemic, and immediately after the start of the official governmental procedures in Kuwait, work began in Kuwait to support these efforts, through participation in establishing a platform that brings together all foundations and charities coordinate their work and respond more effectively to official recommendations and needs. ”

He adds: “Our eagerness to follow up closely with the embassies of the State of Kuwait in Africa to check on the conditions of Kuwaiti citizens stuck in Africa, where Direct Aid offered them all kinds of support and services to provide comfort and safety for citizens, The association’s work in Kuwait started with supporting Governmental efforts, and providing logistical support to several state ministries, through 32 programs, 14,000 beneficiaries of which have been provided, including providing 3,000 beds for 3 shelters and quarantines and supplying 9,000 meals to support workers in the first line to combat the epidemic in Airport, hospitals, and various working situations, in addition to providing these sites with tools and equipment to support their work.

In another aspect of support and attribution, Dr Alsumait explained “The Society initiated to provide support to families affected by security quarantine, by paying 3 months rent for 76 families, at a value of 34,200 Kuwaiti dinars, and the association continues to support the troubled families due to the current circumstances, through 4 channels that guarantee access to those who are entitled to pay rents, distribute coupons Procurement for more than 200 affected families, providing support to patients with chronic diseases and critical surgeries who are unable to pay for the treatment and distributing food baskets to families without a breadwinner, and for the integration of efforts, direct aid is keen to coordinate with other associations to ensure that they arrive Aid to the largest possible segment of those affected.
The daily wage-workers had an interest in care by providing important basics such as ready-made meals and food baskets, especially for those detained in the total ban areas under the supervision of the Ministry of Interior.

Continuous efforts through which Direct Aid hopes to provide the best means of support to society and keep pace with all the efforts made by the state in combating the epidemic and relieving the difficulty faced by the Kuwaiti population.