Direct Aid launches “ WE support ” project

Direct Aid launches “ WE support ” project

Direct Aid Society Office in Tunisia launched the project “Aid you” to finance development projects and microcredit by financing productive projects for household women (widows and mothers of orphans and divorced) giving them loans to help them overcome the burdens of life and find a source of income that compensates them and enable them with production tools.

The microfinance project (Aid you) is one of Direct Aid Society initiatives in providing development programs for targeted groups and empower them economically and socially as a strategy Direct Aid works to generalize in all countries they operates in to gradually transfer the targeted groups from relief to self-reliance.

113 ladies (family supporters) from various poor neighborhoods in the Tunisian capital have benefited from the project in its initial phase, which was launched late last month. The total amount of loans granted to them was 96480 Tunisian dinar which is around 43558 euros.

The idea behind the project “Aid you” is to adopt a number of small productive projects and finance them with affordable loans that will be paid in monthly installments. In addition, the project offers management and development training to the beneficiaries and courses in financial education and simplified feasibility studies for the targeted group that will enable them to become business women in their community.

The approved projects that will be benefiting from the project “Aid you” has been divided into three sections: Service projects, such as funding for kindergarten, playgrounds for children, and women salons. Industrial projects such as sewing, furniture production, and Bakery and Confectionery shops. Finally, Commercial projects such as selling cosmetics, garments and furniture.

A volunteer consultant, expert in the field of development projects and micro-loans, is responsible in supervising the implementation of the project that has traveled specially to train a number of the project beneficiaries along with office workers in Tunisia on how to manage and implement small income-generating projects.

It is noteworthy that Direct Aid Society is working on the execution of the project “Aid you” in Tunisia in collaboration with the (SANAD) Fund for MSME views the micro, small and medium enterprise sector, whereas the project is considered one of a kind in the field of charity work in Tunisia, to provide non-profitable loans for the poor to finance development projects and micro-credit, as the Direct Aid Society seeks in the future to expand outside the capital Tunis to serve those most in need socially and economically. Where it is expected, according to Direct Aid plan that more than 10,000 thousand families would benefit from this productive loans over the next five years, by Allah`s will.