Direct Aid Society intensified its efforts and projects in the water sector in the Yemeni regions to provide the population’s needs for safe drinking water to reduce diseases and epidemics that are transmitted through polluted water, during which it completed the opening of a number of strategic water projects in different governorates, and the association stressed the importance of these projects in meeting the needs of communities Population of water and alleviate the crisis of its absence and the suffering of families in obtaining it.

In Yemen, direct aid implemented two isolation water projects in Al Mahwit Governorate to serve 13,000 people. The project consists of 3 large tanks and pumping rooms and water networks to deliver to the villages. Two water pumping units in the Hodeidah governorate were also operating with solar energy and 3,000 people benefited from it.

Within the framework of water projects destined to serve the villages, the society handed over a project of pure drinking water to the people in the Directorate of Qataba in Al Dhale’e Governorate, which will serve 7 villages inhabited by more than 2500 people, and recently opened two projects for Hammam Ali in the Al Manar District in Dhamar Governorate and benefit 10,000 people as part of its efforts to improve the capacity of Families have access to safe water sources.

It also installed a reverse osmosis treatment plant with all its accessories, in the village of Deir Al-Aqam in the Abs district, working with a solar system to operate the station and water tanks for the station, to benefit from the project 3,500 people in the village of Deir Al-Aqam.

Direct Aid is keen when implementing strategic water projects to establish a (Water Users Association) in cooperation with the residents of the beneficiary areas, and this association aims to train its members to operate and maintain the project, and through it spread awareness of water rationalization.

Direct directors noted for its keenness to continue implementing sustainable and vital services projects in a way that contributes to improving the standard of living and ensuring that the people in Yemen have access to basic services.