Direct Aid Opens “Hamed” Water Supply Network in Mauritania

Direct Aid Opens “Hamed” Water Supply Network in Mauritania

Recently, Direct Aid opened a drinking water supply network project in the city of “Hamed”. Direct Aid carried out the project in the framework of the cooperation agreement signed between Direct Aid & Ministry of Water and Sanitation of Mauritania aiming at establishing a water supply network running with solar energy. The network consists of 2 reservoirs; the first is of capacity 250 cubic meters and is located at the artesian upstream of the network and the second is located at outskirts of “Jarla” village and of capacity 40 cubic meters in addition to standby generator. It is also consists of 2 reservoirs for distribution; a major one which is of capacity 70 cubic meters and of 18 meters height and another one which is of capacity 18 cubic meters and of 10 meters height. The water supply network extends to the length of 55 square kilometers so that more than 10,000 people in “Hamed” city and in 13 subsidiaries villages can benefit from.

The inauguration ceremony of the project was attended by Fahd Al-Hasawi (Director of Department of Charity Resources Development of Direct Aid) and Salah Jumaa (Director of Direct Aid Office in Mauritania). From the Mauritanian side, the ceremony was attended by Abdul Rahman s/o Mohammed (The Secretary General of Water and Sanitation Ministry), Youssef s/f Mohammed Mahmoud (Mayor of the municipality of ” Hamed” city), The Governor of “Lesaba”, The Governor of the province of ” Kankosa” in addition to a number of governmental officials, leaders of security authorities and a large numbers of the city citizens.

In a speech delivered by Mr. Al-Hasawi, he confirmed that Direct Aid contributed to strengthening the local efforts for the development of African communities and that such efforts will continue with the help of Almighty Allah and then with efforts of virtuous and good people in order to complete our mission in Mauritania and in the rest of countries in which Direct Aid works. He also appraised the cooperation and efforts of the Mauritanian government with Direct Aid referring to the depth of fraternal ties between the two brotherly people of Kuwait and Mauritania.

From his side, The Secretary General of Water and Sanitation Ministry, Abdul Rahman s/o Mohammed clarified that this project which was carried out by Direct Aid aims at improving the living and health conditions of citizens especially the poorest ones. He also pointed out that Direct Aid efforts promote the country efforts in fighting the poverty and such efforts also come in line with developmental plans and programs implemented by the Mauritanian government.

In his speech, Mayor of “Hamed” city thanked Direct Aid for implementing this important project in addition to other projects implemented by the society to develop the region.

The Director of Direct Aid Office in Mauritania, Salah Jumaa clarified that the office efforts are not limited only to water projects but they also include education, health and vocational training projects in addition to financing small projects income-generating in the framework of developing the poor African communities.