With support from the head of state

Alsumait: We are working towards achieving the organisation’s goal in combating blindness and visual impairments in Africa.

The director general of Direct Aid Dr. Abdullah Abdulrahman Alsumait announced the success of the largest optic camp in Kanem province in the north of the Republic of Chad.
He stated: “The camp was organised collectively by Direct Aid, Eye of the World Team and The Big Heart Foundation which is headed by the first lady of the Republic of Chad.”

He also noted that many of Chad’s citizens, tradesmen and even the sultan of the city of Mao had offered their support, and many facilities and initiatives which eased the jobs of both the medical and administrative teams.

He explained that a camp of this size is the first in adding that: “The medical team had achieved 1011 medical procedures by the end of the camp’s last day and as they headed to leave the hospital, after having gathered all of their equipment and tools, they saw the presence of 9 new cases. The medical team responded by re-entering the hospital and replacing their equipment and tools to perform 9 more procedures to reach a total of 1020 optic procedures that enabled the patients with the ability of sight by the virtue of god then by the hard work of the camp workers and the financial support of those who covered the camp’s costs. The director general stressed that this medical initiative is merely a step towards accomplishing Direct Aid’s vision in the combat of disease in Africa where cataracts disease prevalence is a reason for the hindrance in development.

He mentioned that the organisation is almost ready to open a hospital specialised in ophthalmology in N’Djamena, the capital of Chad. The hospital also has other departments which include: a radiology and testing centre, general practise clinics, women and obstetrics clinics, surgery, pediatric in addition to allotting 5 operation rooms to host medic camps.

He stated that the hospital has a bed capacity of 60 and is prepared with equipment that has costed an upward of 850,000 Kuwaiti dinars. Alsumait expressed his hope for this hospital, after its opening, to be a medical centre providing the best of medical care to patients who do not have the means of treatment with god’s willing.