The aim is to develop the capabilities of the staff and improve their skills

The Human Resources Department (Field Training Department) in the Direct Aid Society continues to train their staff, in addition to organizing the latest courses that contribute to developing the capabilities of the staff of the Association in field offices in African countries, a total of 54 special training courses were conducted in 27 African countries from the beginning of the year until October 2018, and the recipient countries are: Mauritania – Mali – Guinea Bissau – Niger – Chad – Tunisia – Benin – Burkina Faso – Sudan – Uganda – Ghana – Zanzibar – Senegal – Conakry – Madagascar – Comoros – Tanzania – Zambia – Zimbabwe – Malawi – Kenya with Somalia – Ethiopia – Gambia – Sierra Leone – Togo – Mozambique.

The Society has implemented a total of 274 training courses benefiting the various cadres of directors, officials and supervisors of orphans, teachers, preachers and memorizers of the Quran and all administrative cadres with the participation of 4639 trainees with 120100 training hours

The Direct Aid Society aims to develop the capabilities of its employees and improve their skills in the field of their work scientifically and practically. In addition to improving the means and methods of performance, and therefore increase the employee productivity and its reflection on the quality of the services provided, as well as changing behaviors and directions in the work relations. Besides, enabling the staff to keep up with the scientific and technological progress. And familiarize them with modern methods of work, as well as the formation of an integrated system in the main office and geographical regions in Africa. As well as Human Resources Department to set quality standards for practice in field locations.

In 2017, field office managers in Africa, and the staff, education supervisors and preachers, were trained in a total of 361 training programs as well as special courses with a total of 7028 trainees. Moreover, there are many other development courses for field staff both in education and Awareness raising, as well as special courses for orphanages supervisors and the Society’s administrative.
Through the training unit, Direct Aid aims at finding the means to achieve leadership and quality in work and excellence in the outputs, by providing necessary support to staff in the main office and field offices through the development of the human element, in order to provide a good work environment and better productive performance.