Direct Aid Participates in “Kuwaiti Youth Fair”

Direct Aid Participates in “Kuwaiti Youth Fair”

Direct Aid Society participates in of Kuwaiti Youth Fair organized by “Ambition Expo Company” at the International Fair Grounds in Mishref where 250 participants display their different products.

Direct Aid Society responded to the invitation to attend the fair to present the biography of Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Sumait – God’s mercy on him – and to introduce him as a model to Kuwaiti youth by displaying his works and mentioning his leading role in the development of philanthropy in the African continent over the course of 30 years.

The fair aims to encourage the privileged youth projects and provide suitable opportunities for marketing their development projects that meet the different needs of community and provide jobs for young people that highlight their potential and energies through which their talents appear and encourage them to continue in work and production.

Thus , Direct Aid Society will distribute bag of gifts for visitors of the fair including a number of Al Kawthar Magazine founded and edited By Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Sumait – God’s mercy on him – and copies of his autobiography, and CD of his lectures, and some prayers and proverbs by him -God’s mercy on him-in addition to the publications of the Society and Al Sumait calendar for 2014, and comprehensive guide for projects of Direct Aid Society.