The Direct Aid Organization of Kuwait announced that they have recently completed a shipment of relief aid to Somalia worth $8 million dollars. Six thousand tons of food and relief items are to be distributed among victims of the famine. Nabil Al-Terkait, head of the Relief Committee, was in Somalia with a delegation from the aforementioned committee, where they all received the relief shipments at the port in Mogadishu. Al-Terkait said that the shipment consists of “basic foodstuffs that provide energy, which are essential to the survival of human beings, including powdered milk, rice, sugar, flour, lentils, cooking oil, and dates. The shipment also contains non-food items such as clothing, blankets, and water tanks.”

The relief supplies will be distributed to different areas in Somalia which have been affected by the severe famine. They are expected to assist nearly 750,000 individuals for a period of one month.

The six-thousand ton shipment is currently the largest relief shipment sent by Direct Aid for the famine, and it was made possible through the generous donations of Kuwaitis (individuals, companies, banks, NGOs and other organizations). The Turkish organization (IHH) and Kuwait’s Qawafil group both played important roles in sending the shipment to Somalia.

Al-Terkait added that Direct Aid had been actively working for relief in Somalia since April 2011, setting up relief and health centers as well as distributing food, water, and healthcare services all adding up to the value of three million dollars.

Direct Aid’s office in Somalia was established in 1987 and has a team of over 300 employees. Their activities focused on different levels of education. They have founded ten schools which host more than 7000 students. In addition, they founded Technology Institute (now SIMAD University), which seeks to provide “provide ample opportunities for high quality, advanced education in science, technology and arts for Somali students and adult learners in the greater Horn of Africa”.