“Direct Aid” receives “Ramadan” with 3 new projects and a television program

“Direct Aid” receives “Ramadan” with 3 new projects and a television program

Direct Aid Society is preparing for the implementation of several charity and Dawah programs in the next Ramadan in 30 African countries all of which aim to help the poor, needy, orphans and to create joy and happiness to them and to make them feel affection and the Islamic brotherhood in the holy month.

Every year, the most important and notably of those programs in Ramadan is Iftar program at a suppositional budget this year exceeding 2 million Euros. Based on this program, there will be distribution for 2.5 million precooked and dried Iftar meals containing in whole the flour, oil, sugar, salt, powdered milk, bread, rice, dates, water and soup.

Implementation of Iftar project this year coincides with introduction of Direct Aid Society to its valued donors three major projects in water, health and education including: Niger wells project which is the largest water project implemented by the Society in Africa and its suppositional cost is 9 million Euros, and the project of development of health care (including projects of combat blindness and Alamal annual surgical camp), and finally the project of “Education is a Right of Every Child in Africa”. These projects come within the strategy of Direct Aid towards elimination of poverty, ignorance and disease in the African continent.

Preparation for Iftar project began a few months ago, where the field offices of the Society began to choose the most dense and poorest areas and it decided the meal cost in each region where the project is to be implemented.

The Iftar project implemented by Direct Aid Society attracted a growing audience of the valued donors who have trust in the Society because it gained credibility built over more than 30 years of continuous work and sincere efforts of its founder, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Sumait – God mercy upon him- and his brothers who are responsible for it now, pushing and motivating the Society to increase the number of meals and extending the areas of implementation of the project, year after year.

Iftar project implemented by Direct Aid not only provides food for the poor and needy, but also the Society each year prepares a variety of programs accompanying the project (Dawah, cultural and recreational). It holds religious lectures that explain to the Muslims (especially the new converts) the jurisprudence of fasting and its related provisions. It also holds the contests of Holy Quran memorization and some other recreational programs.

Direct Aid Society has recently produced a television program entitled (Abdul Rahman Al-Fateh) which deals with the biography of Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Sumait – God mercy upon him – and his career in philanthropy and development and Dawah in Africa through field visits conducted by Sheikh / Abdul Aziz Awaid, the program presenter to the places where Dr. Sumait, God mercy upon him, worked and lived in Africa. It is expected that the program will be broadcast on more than one Gulf satellite channel during Ramadan.