Kids participate in school bag for an orphan activity

Noseiba Al-Sumait, Head of PR and Media in Direct Aid, stated that the society is keen on annually implementing valuable projects that the community’s value for giving, and provides families, schools, and educational clubs with an opportunity to practice a benevolent process. A project to supply school bags for orphans that was launched under the name Jantat Hassan in Jahra Governorate and lasted for 3 days.

Al-Sumait indicated that “direct aid was keen through (Hassan Bag project) to present giving in an attractive and enjoyable way for our children to achieve its purpose, which is a feeling of happiness when contributing to the happiness of others”.

The idea of the school bag came to remove the embarrassment from the poor students in schools, and to give them motivation to persevere and strive.

Direct Aid is also committed to involve the largest number of volunteers in the management and organization of all its campaign.

The desire of the parents to support the children’s volunteering was an excitement, and it was an opportunity to qualify the youth to volunteer work and practice the work of giving with kindness and perfection.

Al-Sumait added that “the success achieved by the event gave a great impetus to Direct Aid in continuing to organize valuable activities in the future, and to always be an essential part of the association’s annual public relations plan”.

“I extend my sincere thanks to all of the volunteers who participated in the success of the event management, the media and the sponsors who provided all the necessary support to achieve the goal of the project”.