Dr. Abdul-Rahman Saleh Al-Muhailan, vice-chairman of Direct Aid Society and the president of the council of trustee in the Education College in Zanzibar, participated in the celebration of the 11th group graduation. The number of the gorup was 219 male and female students in the college of Education in Zanzibar under the patronage of the president of Zanzibar who sent the ambassador Saif Ali Aidi as a representative and in the presence of the minister of Education and technical Mr./ Ramadan Abdullah Shabaan with a number of officials. The Direct Aid Society established the Education College in Znazibar in 1998 to be one of the most important universities following to the society; these universities are Al Oma university (Kenya) Simad University (Somalia), Education College (Zanzibar).

The Direct Aid Society is in the stage of building two new universities in Malawi and Benin. There are around 1200 student are studying in the College now. Around 1297 male/female students had graduated from the College. Dr.  Al-Muhailan announced the resolution of the council of trustees to turn the college to a complete university introduces different specializations and will be called” Zanzibar International University”. All these success is only a complete to what is done by Dr. Abdul-Rahman  Al Sumait, May Allah heal him.