Direct Aid society concludes its Ramadan campaign

Direct Aid society concludes its Ramadan campaign

With a cost of three millions Iftar meals, Zakat, expiations, and an attracting media success.

Direct Aid society concluded its Ramadan campaign for the year 2016, which included many different activities in most of the African countries in which the society works as giving fast breaking meals and distributing the donation of expiation and ALFITR Zakat and regulating ALKHARAFI Holly Quran competition and other media and advertising activities of the holy month of Ramadan.

In this occasion, the general manager of the Society Dr. ABDULLAH ABDULRAHMAN ALSUMAIT, said that the Society has given 3 million Iftar meals which cost more than one million Kuwaiti Dinars, explaining that the project of Iftar Sa’em meals is one of the most important seasonal projects of the society in the poor African countries, as this project was started up in the Direct Aid Society since 1982, referring that the execution of the project is done through distributing hundreds of thousands of food baskets upon poor families in addition to preparing group Iftar in villages, centers and mosques and this project is usually accompanied with some other projects executed by the Society such as religious classes, Quran competitions, women classes and activating the slumber of seclusion in the mosque.

He added that Ramadan campaign included also a program of fasting and oath expiation, and it was executed through distributing 105 thousand Kuwaiti Dinars in 375 ton of food materials upon the needy poor families, in addition of ALFITR Zakat which was executed through distributing more than 73 thousand Kuwaiti Dinars as nutrition pills which reached 260 ton.

Dr. Al Saumait referred to the associated activities of the annual Ramadan campaign which the Society did and one of the most important activities was the Al Kharafi Holly Quran Competition in which 7200 competitors from 24 country participated and the gross of its prizes reached 20 thousand Kuwaiti Dinars.

Dr. Al-Sumait expressed his pleasure of the great success of the media campaign which was executed by the society under the slogan of “AID THEM” which achieved high watching percentages reached to half million watch till now, in addition to Direct Aid Society winning of the up-champion out of 48 advertisement in its advertisement of “bright life” In its media campaign of the project “AID THEM” in its annual questionnaires which is done by Tasaweeq consultations company in which 1856 participants participated in 2016.

Dr.Al-Sumait referred to the great success which was achieved by the campaign of SAHABA HOUSE YOUTH who launched their campaign in social media sites to gather donations to bail some orphans in Uganda and they manage to gather 600 thousand Kuwaiti Dinars within 12 hours, the number which exceeded the target by doubles and aroused them to develop their project of devotion to support the bail 50 orphans and building three orphan houses reaching to building six orphan houses; 3 in Kenya and 3 in Mali.

Dr. Al-Sumait concluded by presenting all thanks and appreciation to the human donators with their great assistance inside and outside Kuwait who rush every time to do charity and accept the call of Islam and humanity, asking almighty Allah to reward them all the good for what they present to alleviate suffering upon their brothers of religion and humanity.