Direct Aid Society contributes in fighting the killing virus

Direct Aid Society contributes in fighting the killing virus

Direct Aid Society has stated that it has put its hospitals in “McKinney” under the disposal of the Ministry of Health in Sierra Leone upon the request of the latter due to the spread of Ebola Virus (Ebola hemorrhagic fever (EHF)) which lift many nationals, physicians and nurses’ dead. Fear spread leading to preventing many nationals to explore crowded areas, closing many shops and popular markets, group immigration of the foreigners who are working in Sierra Leone, complete stop of tourism activity and closing many hotels and the mosques became empty of the due to the fear of the disease spread, to the extent that the public curfew was imposed by the governmental authorities.

The “McKinney” Hospital affiliating to the Direct Aid Society is located in the village ” Makama” with a high intensive population, nearly 4 km away from the city ” McKinney” . Many patients from different places around the capital “Freetown” and other far places make use of the services provided by the hospital. The clinic provides its medical services for all peoples. The clinic also provides the medical examinations service for Malaria and typhoid diseases as well as some medical analysis relating to the pregnancy, Hemoglobin, etc. The clinic also provides treatment for some diseases such as the blood pressure, diabetes, dermatology, chest diseases and bone pains. It also provides the initial diagnoses for the ophthalmology diseases and Ear, Nose and Throat problems.

Ebola Virus has spread in many countries in the west coast of the African continent, including Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. It is a killing virus, since the ratio of death resulted from it may reach 90%. Since1976, the disease has been appearing and disappearing on intervals until it started to spread recently in an epidemic way especially in the far villages located in the middle and west of Arica near to the tropical forests. The virus is transferred from the wild animals to the humans, and therefore the infection is transferred from a human to another in many different ways including touching the infected person’s blood directly , or touching the tools of the infected one such as the polluted injections bearing the infection. The disease symptoms often appear suddenly. They are varied between the raised temperature, chronic headache, joints pains, general weakness, Sore throat and faint. Then, the symptoms developed to the blood vomiting, red and swelled eyes, rashes and low blood pressure leading to death.

It is worth mentioning that the Direct Aid Society participate in fighting many epidemics and diseases spread in the African continent through the health programs implemented annually by its civil offices in 30 African country. Direct Aid Society have also partnerships and joint cooperation agreements with many international organizations such as the United Nation Organization ” UNICEF” , United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs “OCHA” and World Health Organization to provide the urgent medical aids in the inflicted areas.