Direct Aid Society has launched “Life Springs’ in Niger

Direct Aid Society has launched “Life Springs’ in Niger

Direct Aid Society has started its first steps of implementation by purchasing the necessary equipmetns and sending them to proceed in the implementation of its huge project “Life Springs”. Through this project, Direct Aid aims to deliver the safe drinking water to the vill\ges and remote areas in Niger as first stage which will be generalized and implemented for some of other countries that suffer from drought and the scarcity in water sources.

The project, which will be implemented in Niger in a period of 3 years, aims at digging 100 deep artesian wells connected to electrical generators, pumps and tanks that distribute the clean water to 100 villages benefiting one hundred thousand person a day for 10 years in addition to watering animals and irrigating agricultural land. Now, most of the existing wells are superficial as the water is being drawn in a very primitive manner using ropes and buckets as such way leads to producing unsafe water not suitable for drinking.
Niger selection as a first stage to implement the project came due to the suffering that Niger faces as a result of the severe drought and the lack of rains during the past 30 years which reached to be 50% less as this leads to a severe shortage of food and scarcity in water sources.

The water wells, which will be drilled in Niger, shall be distributed on the two areas: “Moradi” and “Zender”. The latter, (which is 861 KM east of the capital Niamey), is considered the second largest city in Niger where the population is more than 3 million inhabitants; followed by “Moradi” (700 KM east of the capital Niamey ), which has a population of 3.25 million person.

Statistics say that only 45% of Niger’s population get clean water; and 20% of dead children – (a child dies every 15 seconds) – are result of diseases transmitted through polluted water. Further, illiteracy rate reaches up to 80% of the population because a lot of children in school-age are dedicated to get water.

It is noteworthy that “Life Springs” are considered one of the largest projects in the history of Direct Aid Society whereas it comes in line with its strategic vision represented in the Advancement of African Communities healthy, educationally and socially, especially in a society such as Niger whose 80% of its area is covered by the desert and 63% of its population lives below the poverty line. Moreover, 50% of Niger budget depends on the outside aid and it is classified internationally as one of the world’s poorest and least developed countries.